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Today we are talking about walking and walking correctly. It supposed to walk almost 10,000 healthy step, or about three to four miles and is very good. while the majority walks about 1,000 steps a day.


So by the body of the Mai PEOPLE repeat do things that occur damage backstabbing, hips, knees, ankle and everything. There are also many studies for people who are suffering from TMJ disorder and the relationship of headaches and neck problems a wrong way to walk.

The way of walking:

So it is very important to listen and pay attention to change some of the usual ways of walking. We will focus on muscle brigades (backside muscles) Body pressure distributor of shock absorbers by 3% in the hips and 7% in the knees. Wrong walking displays the knee and ankle more pressure. So it is very important to think of the rear leg movement, a lot of people think about walking a military offers a way forward leg more than they should, but must focus on the rear leg, which forced the other leg to progress and push forward. What I want is to think of you to pay the leg from the back and not the front left leg I want you to take it

What I want is to think of you to pay the leg from the back and not the front left leg I want you to take it Magna model and do a little. The importance of so I had to change and rethink my patients, but the second thing is very important is the swing arm.


Some women carrying handbags and purses, or whatever on the back so that many people reject it. Arm swing is very important to resist what is happening to the arm What happens when the arms swing takes to rotate with abdominal Forcing the hip to connect and help the other hip. You do not need to struggle with your body forever, but if I walked so will be in conflict with your body.But if I walked this way hip rotation work what we call hip height a little, it will keep the body from the many damages and pressures. It will maintain the full capacity of the body to be active So again we pay for progress and move the opposite leg and arm before, now I do so Leg and the opposite arm opposite Pay and pay and pay.

In general, I have a group of patients do not use the rear and as you know, you should use to feel and make sure it’s doing its job. First to make sure the muscles work because if I went back to the old way of walking will feel more muscular front Which is usually Matkon because you think about the existence of this trend, as you can see I’m inclined forward Put more pressure on the front or front muscles tissues. This is what we usually do all of us and constantly each and every day so it is very vital to trade the way you walk to keep your self from chronic injuries.


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